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Bod Man Midnight Reign Body Spray By Parfums De Coeur - 8 oz Body Spray - Parfums De Coeur

Bod Man Midnight Reign Body Spray By Parfums De Coeur

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Bod Man Midnight Reign Cologne by Parfums De Coeur, Cloak yourself in the rejuvenating fragrance of bod man midnight reign by parfums de coeur. This body spray for men has a crisp quality thats sure to give a jolt to your senses, no matter what time of the day it is. The distinctly aquatic note easily distinguished from the first whiff delivers an enlivening and refreshing feeling to the fragrance. The bod man midnight reign is a powerful, masculine scent guaranteed to add an aura of dominance and confidence to the wearer. Bod man midnight reign combines bergamot, lemon, and mandarin notes as its opening scent. This results in a burst of electrifying citrus and rejuvenating aquatic mist that wakens your whole being. The heart of this perfume is a spicy blend of lavender, myrrh, clove, nutmeg, and coriander. A concoction that will remind you of lush, woody foliage mixed with delicious nutty notes, which is the essence of a man in his prime. The scent eventually dries down to a rich melange of vanilla, amber, incense, and vetiver. The slightly sweet and musky base of the bod man midnight is a righteous end to an unforgettable scent that lasts the whole night. Midnight reign is a body spray for men under the brand bod man from the umbrella of pdc brand usa, a mass retailer and manufacturer of body and beauty products known throughout the world. Under this massive company are the famous names of dr. Teals, body fantasies, and bodycology, to name a few. They produce highly effective and affordable necessities catered to bring excellence and comfort to the customers hands with ease. Today, almost every retail store bears at least one brand from pdc, making it easily accessible to anyone who wants them. Bod man offers masculine fragrances that gives a man the confidence and allure that matches their personalities. They are guaranteed to be long lasting and settle on the skin for hours. Along with midnight reign, bod man also has the fresh guy, really ripped abs, most wanted, blue surf, and black as their signature and classic scents.

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